Ceremony Details Form

Please submit this form at least two weeks prior to your wedding date.  Your Event Supervisor will use this as a guideline when assisting with the ceremony processional.

Please reference the diagram below when listing your bridal party processional.  Make sure the bridal party is assigned in the correct order when completing the

Ceremony Details form.

More detailed ceremony diagram

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MM slash DD slash YYYY
Ceremony Time(Required)

General Details

Will you be getting dressed on site?
Are you and your fiance seeing each other before the ceremony?
How many rows, etc
For example: breaking glass, jumping the broom, etc. If yes, please indicate
Are you using rose petals?
If yes, please make arrangements for them to be removed by the florist, caterer, or some other appointed person. Petals must be cleaned up immediately after the ceremony. We will charge a clean up fee if the Mansion is responsible for removing rose petals.
Immediately after the ceremony, will you have a receiving line?

Processional Details

Will Grandparents Process?(Required)
If yes, provide grandparents names
Bride's Grandparents
Escorted By
Grooms's Grandparents
Escorted By
Will Parents process
If yes, provide parents names
Grooms Parents
Escorted by
Mother of the Bride
Escorted by
If anyone else is processing before bridal party, please list here
Escorted by

Bridal Party

Groom process
Groomsmen process
Is there a music change for the bridal party?
Bridal Party Line up
Please refer to the diagram at the top of the page when listing the order of your bridal party. The bridal party will line up exactly as listed.
1st Bridesmaid
1st Groomsman
2nd Bridesmaid
2nd Groomsman
3rd Bridesmaid
3rd Groomsman
4th Bridesmaid
4th Groomsman
5th Bridesmaid
5th Groomsman
6th Bridesmaid
6th Groomsman
7th Bridesmaid
7th Groomsman
8th Bridesmaid
8th Groomsman
Please number and list any additional bridesmaid and groomsmen in your line up.
Maid of Honor
Best Man
Will you have a ring barer?
Will you have a flower girl?
Is there a music change before bride walks down the aisle?