Outdoor weddings are becoming more and more popular, especially after the past few years. Not only do they help provide your guests with ample

Tara and Anthony enjoyed dining on the terrace during their completely outdoor reception in July.
Photo by: Lindsey Mae Photography

open space, but they can also create a beautiful, garden-like atmosphere. However, outdoor weddings come with a lot more logistics than ones that happen inside. With that in mind, we wanted to go over a few things to remember when planning a completely outdoor wedding at the Wadsworth Mansion.

Expenses Will be Higher

Completely outdoor receptions are not the norm at the mansion. This means that they’re also normally more expensive than ones that happen inside. This is largely because you’re creating a comfortable space outside for your guests. This includes making sure there’s adequate lighting, having a tent in the instance of rain, and also calculating the extra set-up that your catering staff may need to do. If you have a larger guest count, you may also need to add on extra time to your rental, since it may take longer to set-up than usual.

We can seat about 120 guests at round tables on our terrace, and still have room for dancing. Couples have also opted to dine in our tennis pavilion space in the past for larger guest counts. Keep in mind that the larger your guest count and the further away from the mansion you are, the more expensive your reception is likely to be.

Brittany enjoyed her completely outdoor wedding in September with a tent on the terrace and her ceremony in the rose garden.
Photo by: VO Photography

The Season Matters

We’re not going to mince words. We’re in New England, and it means that

our weather can be…temperamental, to put it lightly. Our springs can be cold or warm, and our autumns can be freezing or pleasantly crisp and cool.

Anh and Michael had an amazing outdoor reception in September!
Photo by: Danila Mednikov

Sometimes it’s hot, and sometimes it’s perfect. The fact of the matter is that unless you’re choosing a very specific time of year, you’re going to be rolling the dice in terms of temperature and the likelihood of rainfall.

Make sure that you love not just the outdoor option, but also the indoor option. After all, you could wind up with a completely indoor wedding. You’ll want to make sure that your guests are comfortable. Accounting for a tent for shade, or heaters in case it’s chilly is important to keep in mind. You’ll also want to account for having parts of your reception indoors if the weather is inclement.

Work with the Space

While we have over 100 acres of grounds, the way that the space can be used is influenced by the vegetation and also the slope of certain areas. When considering a completely outdoor wedding, you want to think of your guest count, as well as where you’ll have your dance floor and other formalities. Make sure to ask us what works best with the space, depending on what you’re looking for. We can let you know how many guests can fit in various outdoor areas, and what you’ll need to make sure that your guests are comfortable.

An outdoor wedding can be absolutely magical. At the same time, it means that there are a lot more logistics to think of as you create a comfortable experience for your guests. If you’re thinking of having an outdoor wedding, check in and ask questions. We’re here to help make sure your special day runs smoothly.