Valentine’s Dance

A Very Wadsworth February

It’s 2017.  And before too long we’ll be on the second month of the year… (Crazy, right?)  February is typically characterized here in Connecticut by dark, early mornings punctuated with hot coffee, vehicles encrusted with layers of cloudy bits of former snow and salt, and not-so-slimming multi-layered woolens and fleeces to ward of the chill so as to not turn into a living icicle. (OK, maybe that last one is just me…)


In any case, I think most people would like a reason to shrug off the proverbial (or actual) layers and come to a 2017 Valentines Dinner Finalbeautiful place in the middle of winter.  Luckily, there will be two opportunities to make the Wadsworth Mansion that oasis destination.


First, get gussied up with your sweetheart and prepare to cut a rug!  The Friends of the Long Hill Estate are hosting a Valentine’s Dance, the proceeds of which will go to support the Friends and their mission.  You may show up as yourselves for cocktails and dinner, but by the time the dance music starts be ready to channel your inner Freds and Gingers!  Tickets can be purchased HERE and are limited, so don’t miss out.  February 11th at the Mansion is going to be a helluva hootenanny — I should know, I’ll be there…


For those planning weddings — or thinking wedding planning could be in the near future — come check out Mansion-in-winter opportunity number two: The Wadsworth Mansion 2017 wedding show flyerv2Wedding Show.  From 11am to 3pm on the last Sunday of February, the house will be full of yummy smells, friendly faces, and wedding experts of every niche.  We’ve got a complete list of those you’ll meet HERE.  You can try some tasty nibbles as you grill the caterers (pun intended) on their specialties.  You can check out photographers’ images and see if your personalities mesh.  You can stop and smell the roses, or ask the florists what other flowers they like for a June ceremony.  Best of all, you’ll be able to shop some of the most talented vendors in weddings all at once and without being inundated by those extraneous or, um, unbecoming companies that tend to turn up at big bridal expos.


Come and see us at one of these two public events and get your February Mansion on!  We’d love to see you darken our door…



Natalie Newman Locke, the Event Supervisor and a Wadsworth Mansion bride herself, is a seasoned wedding & production professional.  When not creatively writing, photographing weddings, or acting as social media guru, she enjoys sampling wedding cake.