Remember Your Wedding Party at the Wadsworth

Remember Your Wedding Party at the Wadsworth

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You’ve just gotten engaged and you’ve set the location and date for your wedding. You’re excited, nervous, and looking forward to the big day. You’ve set up a wedding website to help your guests get acquainted with the location and menu, but haven’t yet set up anything more than that.

A wedding is a big event, and friends and family usually drive or fly in from across the country to share in a bride or groom’s special day. Many times, guests may arrive in the area early and turn it into a small vacation. This is why it’s often nice to provide a list of things to do in the area on your wedding website.

However, we know that not all brides or grooms have the time to compile a list and look through which areas are worth visiting and which aren’t. That’s exactly why we’ve compiled some of our favorite places near the Wadsworth Mansion for you and your guests to visit as you approach your wedding day.

Hubbard Park and Castle Craig

If you’re looking for a fun walk or hike for the whole family, visiting Hubbard Park is a great place to go on a nice day! With paved walking trails and hiking trails for the more adventurous, Hubbard Park provides stunning views amid trees, lakes, and rivers over its 1,800 acres. Remember to pack a picnic for lunch!

The Library Wine Bar and Gouveia Vineyards, Wallingford

Just 30 minutes away from Middletown is the small town of Wallingford. That’s where you’ll find the historic Wallingford town library, which has been restored and transformed into a beautiful restaurant and wine bar. Be prepared to dress up a bit for this location, and remember that on Wednesdays the wine bar offers discounts on bottles to share! Take a trip just outside of Wallingford, and you can go to the source of these excellent vintages. Gouveia Vineyards is a beautiful location, and often has events that include live music and more!

General Mansfield House

If you’re looking for something to do indoors, then a visit to General Mansfield House may be just the ticket. Built in 1817, the historical house acts as a small museum with art exhibits and Civil War artifacts. Since it’s right in the heart of Middletown, you can then go to one of the many restaurants along main street to enjoy a bite to eat afterward!

Essex Steam Train and Gillet Castle

In the quaint town of Essex you can find the old Essex steam train, a gorgeous train that still takes passengers along the Connecticut River. There are several different tours available, including one that serves you dinner and one that allows you to get off the train and take a cruise on a riverboat! In addition, you can choose to take the train to a ferry and disembark to explore Gillet Castle. The historic house has a beautiful interior and sprawling hiking trails around it.

Stubborn Beauty Brewing Company

If you’re looking for a casual place to enjoy a few beers with friends, then Stubborn Beauty Brewing Company is just for you. This brewing company is located in Middletown and has regular events that include comedy shows and book club nights! Get a flight of beers, or pick one to enjoy. And remember that just down the hall in the same complex is another cidery and another brewery! Visit all three for a wonderful afternoon.

Brownstone Exploration and Discovery Park

If you have an adventurous streak and are looking for something active to do during the late spring or summer, then Brownstone Exploration and Discovery Park is perfect! Enjoy rock climbing, zip lining, swimming, and more at this popular attraction. Be prepared to spend the entire day here, because you’re sure to not want to leave!


In addition to all of these amazing locations, we also encourage you to explore Middletown and check out all of the amazing restaurants in the area! There is a lot of great food to taste, as well as some amazing shopping in town!

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