Daffodil Days at the Wadsworth Mansion

April – a virtual event for the public, Free

Join us for our first ever virtual Daffodil Days at the Wadsworth Mansion! In these unprecedented times, we are doing our part in the ongoing effort of social distancing by moving our annual Daffodil Day event to a virtual month of activities!  Follow along on our social media platforms of Facebook and Instagram participate.  Below is our list of activities we have put together.  While we encourage the public to visit our grounds, we remind them to do so mindful of the social distancing practices that are recommended by the CDC.

The activities are below:


  • Week of April 6th – Nature Scavenger Hunt/Wildlife Scavenger Hunt
  • Week of April 13th – Middletown Rocks! at the Mansion
  • Week of April 27th – Let’s fly a kite!


On the week of April 6th, visit the Mansion with your family for a self guided scavenger hunt!  We encourage families to explore our grounds to find every item on the list.  Be sure to post your photos on Facebook or Instagram and tag the Mansion #WadsworthMansion so we can follow your progress. Click here for our downloadable scavenger hunt!

We also invite you to join us for our Wildlife Hunt! We’ve placed signs with pictures of different local animals that routinely visit the mansion along our nature trails. Walk the trails at the mansion while keeping an eye out for the signs. Can you find all of the different animals on our list?


Starting April 13th, We’re teaming up  with the “Middletown Rocks FB” Facebook group to encourage attendees to paint, hide, and find painted rocks among the Mansion grounds and trails.  Inspired by the Kindness Rocks movement, we want to add some color and inspiration to welcome the spring season – and add a bit of encouragement during these difficult days. Guests are invited to paint rocks at home to bring with them to hide among the grounds and trails – and look for other rocks along the way.  Click here for a getting started guide.  Any rocks found, be sure to post onto the “Middletown Rocks FB” Facebook page and tag the Wadsworth Mansion.


On the week of April 27th, guests are encouraged bring a kite to fly on the vista.  If you don’t have a kite, why not trying making your own?  Check out this easy how to guide.



We also wanted to highlight a few local organizations that are a great resource for information on nature and our surroundings.


Be sure to check out Everyone Outside (www.EveryoneOutside.org) who have designed a variety of outdoor family fun activities.   While visiting the grounds, the Vernal Pool on the east side of the mansion has amazing creatures found in vernal pools at this time of year including frogs, salamander eggs, tadpoles, insect larvae, and more! Also, have you heard of Letterboxing? Letterboxing is a treasure hunt type game. You follow clues to find a small box often along a trail in the woods. There are over 100 letterboxes hidden in the Middletown area.


A Place Called Hope is a Raptor Rehabilitation and Education Center which specializes in the rescue and care of Connecticut’s wild injured, orphaned or ill Birds of Prey. The goal of this volunteer based organization is to preserve wildlife for the future by protecting wild raptor species and promoting an understanding of how we as humans can lessen conflicts with wildlife in our very own backyards. Handlers share resident raptor species with the public for a unique up close experience. For more information please visit www.aplacecalledhoperaptors.com or email hope4raptors@yahoo.com

Check out some photos of past Daffodil Day activities at the Mansion!

We hope you stay safe, and continue practice social distancing so we can all gather together again soon.